One of Nepal’s top hospitals for critical care is the Shreedhi Hospital. We provide care for patients who are severely sick watched by the most experience medical personals.

 Patients needing life support systems and other intense medical procedures who are in potentially life-threatening conditions can receive care from the critical care medicine department around-the-clock. Modern patient care is provided by our skilled multidisciplinary team with promptness and compassion. The team includes medical professionals with experience in assisting critically ill patients and their families, as well as nurses and a dietician.

An intensive care unit (ICU) is known as an intensive therapy unit (ITU) or a critical care unit (CCU). It is a specialty department inside a hospital or healthcare facility. When someone is very unwell and needs intense care and constant monitoring, most of the time, it will act as the life savior at that time.


The Section of Critical Care Medicine oversees the Intensive Care Unit, which offers patients with various life-threatening diseases round-the-clock care. Critical care specialists work there. The intensive care unit at ShreedhiHospital is equipped with life support systems that can keep seriously ill patients alive while they get medical attention. Modern medical technology and apparatus, such as invasive patient monitoring, ventilators, infusion pumps, etc., are used in Shreedhi Hospital’s intensive care unit.

To make Shreedhi International Hospital the finest critical care hospital in Nepal, a lot of focus is made on areas like nursing training, standardizing care through clinical pathways, and identifying ethical and economic concerns relating to Critical Care.